What is Epi-LASIK

EPI-LASIK illustrationBladeless Epi-LASIK is a very similar procedure to LASIK that uses the same exact Custom VUE Wavefront laser to achieve the highest levels of vision correction accuracy. But instead of applying the laser energy beneath a flap of corneal tissue, the laser energy is applied to the surface of the eye. Just as quick a procedure as LASIK, Epi-LASIK procedures take only minutes to perform. First, corneal epithelial cells are removed from the surface of the eye. Next, the precise laser energy is applied to the cornea. Finally, a therapeutic contact lens is placed on the surface of the eye to promote healing on new surface cells.

Epi-LASIK is just as precise as LASIK so you can look forward to excellent vision as you recover from this bladeless procedure that has even fewer risks than LASIK. Many people choose Epi-LASIK for their vision correction because it is the safest laser vision correction procedure available in the world, today. In addition, many patients who have been told that they aren’t eligible for LASIK might be able to have Epi-LASIK, instead.