Is LASIK For Me?

An Alternative for Those Who Can’t Have LASIK or EPI-LASIK

Intraocular Lens Insertion

The use of customized lens implants for the correction of nearsightedness and astigmatism will soon be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Once available, these ‘inside-the-eye contact lenses’ will offer the most interesting and exciting alternative to LASIK and EPI-LASIK.

Special biocompatible materials are used to create intraocular lenses, which can be placed inside the eye in a way that can potentially correct for vision difficulties such as nearsightedness. Unlike traditional contact lenses, these lenses will not have to be removed or exchanged. Instead, they are permanently situated inside the eye, behind the iris, where they can correct vision indefinitely.

Already in use in Mexico and in Europe, these procedures have helped thousands of patients to achieve glasses-free vision.

Dr. Barrett has already performed these ‘inside-the-eye contact lens’ procedures abroad and looks forward to offering this advanced technique of vision correction to patients once FDA-approved.