State of the Art Laser Vision Correction from Delaware’s Leader

Lasik Surgery DiagramImagine the freedom of waking up in the morning and instantly being able to see clearly. Picture the security of not ever having to worry about losing your glasses or struggling with contact lenses in an emergency. Think about the comfort you will have when you shed your irritating contact lenses and heavy glasses. Sounds like a dream, but it’s not.

Andrew M. Barrett, MD, of Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants has been giving patients freedom, security and comfort through Laser Vision Correction for nearly two decades. Thousands of Dr. Barrett’s patients now enjoy an active and spirited lifestyle with a clear view and renewed enthusiasm—without glasses.

Personalized care at every step in the process sets Laser Vision Correction by Dr. Barrett apart from all others. Dr. Barrett personally performs a complementary complete LASIK evaluation for all patients interested in the procedure. Dr. Barrett also personally performs all of the post-procedure follow-up evaluations. And of course, Dr. Barrett will perform your Laser Vision Correction procedure using the most advanced Custom Vue Wavefront laser by VISX. Visit our state-of-the-art office facilities, experience the personalized care offered by our dedicated Laser Vision Correction team, benefit from our experience and caring. You will quickly realize that Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants and Dr. Barrett are the region’s Laser Vision Correction leader. Our expert team is always available to provide you with information and pricing on vision through our dedicated phone line at (888) 59-LASIK. With one call, you can learn about vision correction options, have your questions answered, and even arrange for a comprehensive complimentary evaluation. Plus we are available to answer your questions, not just before your procedure, but for years to come. We always take the time to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your care.

Call Sandy Fasano our Refractive Surgery Coordinator at (888)-59-LASIK (595-2745).