Educate Yourself About LASIK and Eye Care

Eye health is often seen as an “extra” type of care relative to more standard physical checkups.  In fact, a national survey on eye care and correction reported that Americans see doctors for physical checkups and dentists for dental checkups far more frequently than they visit eye doctors for eye exams.  However, thinking about eye care in this way ignores the vital importance that sight has in our everyday lives.  It also leads many to be uninformed or misinformed about eye health issues, so much so that they do not, in many cases, seek treatment for conditions that can be easily rectified through medical intervention.  Delaware Opthalmology Consultants believe that patients' lack of knowledge about the value of regular eye care plays a significant role in determining whether or not they seek regular eye care.  Lower levels of education are also associated with limited knowledge about common eye problems such as glaucoma and complications arising from diabetes.  Those with limited knowledge about these conditions were found to be far less likely to receive an examination for the disease than those with more knowledge.

If community members are not aware that their condition can be treated, or if they are unaware that they have an eye condition that is not, as many believe, simply a natural product of the aging proces, then they will not seek treatment.  A lack of knowledge could mean the difference between being able to see and spending the rest of their lives in near or complete blindness.  Eye health education is absolutely essential to helping people seek diagnosis and treatment for eye conditions.  Education programs have proven to be effective in a variety of circumstances.

Please use the tools on our site to help you become more educated about your eyes. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call us or schedule an appointment at 1-800-541-1989.

Eyemaginations is an online education tool we provide just for you. 

The videos within Eyemaginations, feature advanced 3D animations, and make optometric and ophthalmologic issues easy to understand. There are dozens of Eyemaginations videos available, providing a wealth of information about the most relevant issues in the field of eyecare. When you watch these videos, you will be educated about potential vision problems, allowing you to be more informed and able to make the best decisions regarding your own eyecare.