Testimonials From Our Patients

The alarm rings and as I lean over to turn it off, I realize the two-inch numbers that were once out of focus are perfectly clear. It's now twelve hours after having my LASIK procedure.

For twenty-two years, I was dependent on glasses to function and live a normal life. Instantly, that dependence vanished in a minute and thirty seconds. My name is Jeffrey Mainolfi and I am an Optometrist at Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants. Allow me to share my personal LASIK experience with you.

As an Optometrist, I follow the current research and read the latest literature describing advances in laser vision correction. I remained unconvinced. My eyes are critical to my ability to perform my job. I wasn't ready to take any risks.

For the past six years, I have had the opportunity to develop a close working relationship with Dr. Andrew Barrett. I have had the chance to observe the LASIK process from preoperative consultation, through surgery and postoperative visits. I grew increasingly impressed with the techniques used by Dr. Barrett, and more importantly, with the satisfaction of his LASIK patients. As time went by, I began to realize that I had no excuse for avoiding LASIK. I was practicing eye care with one of the region's best and most experienced refractive surgeons.

Three months have now passed since my LASIK surgery and I know now that LASIK with Dr. Barrett was definitely the right choice for me. Seeing 20/20 without my glasses or contact lenses is something I thought I could never do. I feel confident when I tell my patients that refractive surgery is more than a cosmetic procedure, it is life enhancing. I only wish that I had asked Dr. Barrett to perform my LASIK sooner.

Jeffrey Mainolfi

My experience with the LASIK procedure and with the professionals at Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants has been completely positive. Dr. Barrett and Sandy Fasano explained to me the LASIK procedure, including all the potential pros and cons of the surgery. They were sensitive to my concerns about undergoing the procedure, and how it would relate to my career. They made me feel completely comfortable about making the choice to try LASIK.

The procedure itself was COMPLETELY painless, took about 20 minutes, and Dr. Barrett was supportive and enthusiastic the entire time. My vision was dramatically improved just hours after the surgery (I was able to watch television that night. It appeared kind of watery-looking, but definitely MUCH clearer.), and there was no serious irritation or complications afterward. It's been a month now since the surgery, and my vision is clear. My last vision test was 20/20 (it was -8 before the procedure), and we're anticipating no problems with my continued recuperation. Both Sandy and Dr. Barrett have been great; checking up on me between appointments and making sure everything was progressing normally.

My surgery has been a complete success, and I anticipate no complications. I highly recommend investigating LASIK to see if it's an option for you.

Grant Youngblood
Classical Musician

As a writer, I spend my days creating unforgettable heroes. But I have now decided that the unforgettable Dr. Andrew Barrett IS MY HERO! I was truly "blind as a bat" before Dr. Barrett performed LASIK surgery on my eyes. I am ecstatic with my near-perfect vision. It really is a miracle! His friendly, professional staff made the procedure a breeze. Dr. Barrett has changed my life. He is a real, live hero!

Donna Clayton
Silhouette Romance Author


Not only am I thrilled with the results of LASIK (20/20, and no more of the glasses and contacts I've dealt with since age 12), I'm so happy with the quality of before and after care I've received from Dr. Barrett and his staff. Having LASIK was a major decision for me, and I feel I made the best, most informed decision in choosing Dr. Barrett.

Jill Quale
Radio Personality



"As the owner of a shuttle service, driving is my profession. LASIK eased the stress of driving and I have more energy. My world is much brighter now."

Barbara Sheridan
Business Owner

"My eyes were always tired, burning and dry by the end of the day. Now I have perfect vision without contacts. I wish I had done it years ago."

Dr. Lori LaRue

"I am thrilled with the results of my LASIK procedure. After 25 years of glasses and contacts, I have 20/20 vision. This was an important decision and I feel Dr. Barrett and his staff provided great information and patient care before and after surgery"

Judy Pierce