Financing Options

Dr. Barrett works with several national medical finance companies that can offer you the most attractive financing options available. Short term, longer term, and partial payment financing is available in an easy on-line format with 24 hour approval. Contact Sandy Fasano, Laser Vision Coordinator, at 1-888-59-LASIK or (302) 477-2616 for details. You can also email Sandy at

Things to Know

Did you know that you might be eligible to pay for your LASIK procedure with pre-tax income? A Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to save both FICA (7.65%) and Federal Income Tax (10%-35%) on LASIK expenses for you, your spouse, and your dependents.

How can you participate in this great opportunity to lower the cost of your LASIK procedure? Simply ask your workplace Human Resource Benefits Officer how you can join. Most large employers and many mid-sized and small employers offer FSA's. Once you join, your employer will deduct an elected amount to have withheld from each paycheck. No FICA or federal income taxes will be deducted from your elected amount. These funds will be held in a disbursement account in your name until you make a claim for a qualifying expense, such as LASIK.

Be sure to plan ahead as enrollment in FSA's is time limited. Most plans offer an enrollment period from September to December for participation in the following year's plan. We suggest that you arrange for a LASIK consultation during this period so that you can be certain that you are eligible for the procedure prior to funding your FSA.

Contact Sandy Fasano, Laser Vision Coordinator, at 1-888-59-LASIK or (302) 477-2616 with any questions. You can also email Sandy at

Make the Call

If you would like to experience the exhilaration and freedom of clear vision without glasses or contact lenses, take the first step by calling Dr. Barrett today. A free, no-obligation LASIK evaluation is just a phone call away.

Call 1-888-59-LASIK or (302) 477-2616 to schedule your LASIK evaluation today. Sandy Fasano, Laser Vision Coordinator, will gladly arrange your appointment at a convenient time and answer questions about LASIK surgery, scheduling, and financing. Sandy can also be contacted by email at