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Other Sevices We Offer

In addition to our comprehensive eye care services, we offer a range of supportive services for patients and the community:

Visual Field
Automated and manual visual field testing for systemic and ophthalmic applications. Interpretation of results is available. Computer storage is used for comparison with future evaluations.

Ophthalmic Photography

Retinal fluorescein angiography, color and stereo retinal fundus photography, corneal endothelial cell photography and photo slit lamp biomicroscopy are performed. Digital Photography allows instant evaluation of disease process and same day treatment.

Corneal Disease
Special state of the art wavefront analysis aids in laser and surgical reshaping of the cornea for refractive surgery.

Corneal Topography
Topographic corneal analysis is done for diagnosis and management of corneal dystrophies, degenerations and diseases.

Ophthalmic Echography

Ultrasound technology is used for evaluation of intraocular and orbital pathology and for pre-surgical testing.

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency eye care is available for 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays.

Computer analysis of the retina and optic nerve for aid in disease management.

Surgical Counseling
Counseling is provided by certified ophthalmic personnel for patients considering surgery. These sessions help allay apprehension and provide guidance. It also involves assistance in arranging necessary pre-operative tests.

Community Education

Seminars for physicians, health care personnel, corporate and civic groups are offered on such topics as preventive eye care and ophthalmic diseases. Vision screening programs are available to residential health care facility personnel, hospital residents, corporate and civic groups on preventive eye care and ophthalmic diseases.

Glaucoma Screenings
Glaucoma screenings are conducted by certified ophthalmic assistants at community centers and health fairs upon request.